"The Uncrackable Cipher"

"The Perfect Cipher"

The Perfect Cipher

kj9 s9p 95s b6m eup bxl khr 1y5 ln8 iix g39 qn5 qkl rjg h2y k6u wy3 lux tbw f4a vcv g7m
d3d m7f lit ls3 f47 6gk ary l4u euh der hx6 8hm oj7 jiw aab 1i2 lvr 368 gqh tsm x1g 9ou
lxw 8jf n4v b2u nv7 b75 gki 3qm ajq m3g pbr cnw fcp szb 57b 38g m2h iva axh fuf py3
dl1 dm8 59e mb2 aks is7 v6k 7au lfj 5cv 9i4 fkf 2nw ujr h3r 1tl ec7 yr4 svd ueu exi j6h

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Auguste Kerckhoffs Perfect Cipher

  1. "The system must be substantially, if not mathematically undecipherable."
  2. In simpler words the perfect cipher should appear to be completely random, with multiple possible ways to write any letter or number in the message.
    This cipher follows that rule perfectly, as made evident above.

  3. Kerckhoffs' Law "The message must not require secrecy and can be stolen by the enemy without causing trouble."
  4. Messages written with this cipher can safely be posted on every billboard in an enemies country without them knowing where the breaks are.
    let alone them ever being able to decipher it even if they knew where the breaks were.

  5. "It must be easy to communicate and remember the keys without requiring written notes; it must also be easy to change or modify the keys with different participants."
  6. The first part of this message can be fairly easily deciphered simply by looking at it after a little bit of practice in using it. The first key can be easily and quickly modified to any one of over 45 million different combinations. With each possible key being very easy to remember. The second part of the key does need to be written. But if lost or if needed to be destroyed, with some time it can be remade from memory.

  7. "The system ought to be compatible with telegraph communication."
  8. In modern terms the perfect cipher must be compatible with a mobile phone.
    These messages can easily be sent as a text message or verbally communicated over a phone.

  9. "The system must be portable, and its use must not require more than one person."
  10. There are 16 year olds out there that are capable of writing a mobile phone app that can encrypt the message and send it to be decrypted by a receiving phone almost as easily as sending a text message. Needles to say this cipher is as portable as a mobile phone and very easily used by one person.

  11. "The system must be easy to use and must neither require stress of mind nor the knowledge of a long series of rules."
  12. Read number 5.
    A rule that Auguste Kerckhoffs didn't come up with that also adds to the security of this cipher.

  13. The system must look much simpler to decipher than it actually is to add to its security by throwing potential cryptanalyst way off track.
  14. Making this a better than perfect encryption. This type of cipher has never been used before therefor there is no cryptanalyst technique for cracking it, and it is uncrackable.

Click here to learn a cipher which is roughly 2% as strong as the cipher used to make this uncrackable code.
To whom it concerns;
btz xaw giv sij qxv k9w tr7 oj1 qy4 g8i b23 f8u vn9 h2y 6fi wdh nls baz 3rt h34 gys emp det d52 3ph w7j 7cs 6cf yku zme kwb q8c rtj 3nk oud p4w ayb 3tm 1o6 2k2 yzc dls 2ro fj8 cb3 bcv han k7s nqc dmi jl4 x46 chz ctm luw l5d bqx tt9 ne7 oyh wzb 1zn tx3 9d8 fbj es3 oa9 uz4 6v4 hcy 8hb nn5 dvg 4x6 eed woq mho c6p reh bzi ueb cmb q7k r9z

Perfect cipher Version 2

  1. The code sheets are smaller.
  2. They are easier to use.
  3. If version 2 perfect cipher sheets are destroyed to protect them, they are easier to recreate from memory,
  4. The encrypted message is only slightly longer than the original message.
This version is possibly the same strength (give or take) as the original perfect cipher.
However due to how different the two perfect cipher versions are it is almost impossible to say which is stronger.

Here is a simple pencil and paper cipher for you to solve when you get bored. It's a little math puzzle cipher that is a lot easier than it looks at first.

aiaialajawalawaobgbab amaibebdaoaibgaibbazb aiarawam!
The steganography abilities for the uncrackable cipher are virtually unlimited.

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Perfect Cipher